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Hi! I'm Jakey

I'm a self trained Canadian artist who has been involved in improvisation, voice acting, theatre for young audiences, stand up comedy, clown, contemporary movement, musical theatre, and many other art forms. Art has been something woven into the seams of who I am and there is nothing I love more than the ability to convey or share a story through a variety of mediums. Due to my own experience with my mental health and learning my limits and needs for space, I've taken a deeper step into visual arts than performance. I still love performing and playing intricate characters which is why I have focused on voice acting over live theatre.


I'm a massive nerd who grew up with games like Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, so I love a good adventure and world people can explore (and find Easter eggs and collectables in). I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over 6 years, GMing and playing creating character after character. I usually find myself taking one video game or series and wringing it out for all the content I can then moving onto something new but Dungeons and Dragons is a never ending journey that keeps on growing so my interest is renewed continuously.

I am an artistic visionary, with more ideas than time and resources to create things and I hope I can create at least once piece, one voice, or one character that resonates with you.

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