Custom Characters

Are you interested in:


  • having your original character come to life visually through custom artwork?

  • Custom portraits of yourself or loved ones (pets included!)?

Digital Media

Are you interested in:


  • revamping your social media through custom profile photos, cover photos & more?

  • Personalizing your media through banners, thumbnails, and custom emotes?

Commission Information

  • The $10 CAD Non-refundable deposit is collected for all commission requests, due to the nature of planning, coordinating and executing custom artworks. The commission request deposit will be deducted from the quote and will be reflected in invoicing for the commission. If for any reason the customer chooses not to move forward with the commission, the deposit is forfeit.

  • Regarding Quotes and Invoicing:

    • All subtotal prices are in CAD, so please confirm potential conversion costs.

    • TOTAL prices will have GST (5%), and an additional processing fee (5%).

    • Quotes will be provided on a first come, first served basis.

    • Quotes may change when or if the client requests work to be completed that was not included in the initial commission request.

  • Commissions are typically completed within 15 business days from the date payment is received for services to be completed excluding Holidays as outlined in the schedule of Canadian Statutory Holidays. Any commission with a subtotal greater than $300 CAD may require additional time for completion as determined by the artist.​


  • The artist maintains the right to refuse or halt the production of any commission at any point if content demands do not match the terms agreed upon at payment, or if the client demonstrates conduct that is not conducive to a respectful working relationship.


  • Any refunds/discounts are determined on a case by case basis. The amount paid for the deposit and the finished work is reflective of artist hours dedicated to the accurate and dutiful planning and completion of custom artwork(s) including communication and collaboration with the client. For this reason, refunds will not be given for completed artworks.

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