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  • How do I join the Discord?
    You can join our discord server that has over 500 community members by using our invite link! I can't wait to chat with you!
  • Where is your live stream schedule?
    I live stream at various times throughout the week. Check out my stream schedule on Twitch to see the upcoming events! Additionally, I typically post my stream schedule on my Instagram Story! I can't wait to see you there!
  • How can I support my bois for FREE?
    A few ways you can support this community of bois for free is by: Following us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Twitch Subscribe to the Youtube Channel Join the Discord server Join the subreddit Share and post about the content Jakey creates!
  • How can I support Jakey monetarily?
    Jakey relies on community support to be able to continue to do what he loves- creating art and a fun, safe space for you! Consider the following ways to support Jakey monetarily. Donate directly to Jakey! Become a Patron for as little as $1/month and receive exclusive content Subscribe on Twitch by visiting his channel, logging in and selecting a subscription tier. Purchase Merchandise from the Shop Purchase a gift card towards of a commission! Purchase a commission for custom, personalized artwork
  • What if I have no vision for my commission?
    That's okay! Tell me things you generally like, hope to see and I'll take that freedom to make you something. Whatever details I am given will be what I use. Feel free to use my contact form so we can get started!
  • Can I send you another artist's work as inspiration for my commission?
    Absolutely. The intention of the artwork is not to recreate it as I like to create unique art that represents my style of work, but having a solid art refIerence is good. Seeing these pictures can also help me to see what you are envisioning so I can create a work that you truly love.
  • Do you provide group discounts?
    Anyone subscribed to me on twitch receives a 5% discount while subscribed with proof. As well, if you are requiring a complex commission or will require multiple works that are connected such as for a DnD Party, Jakey may bundle certain product options to provide a more cost effective option for your commission.
  • Can you send me physical prints?
    Commissions are sent digitally. It is possible to order physical prints with added shipping and taxes accounted for if this is requested upon communication with Jakey regarding the commission costs. Physcial printing options may not be added on at a later date and must be requested prior to the final delivery of the completed commission.
  • Where can I find details about commission types and costs?
    By accessing the commissions webpage, you will see two primary categories of commissions: custom character design and digital media. These two categories contain different types of final output files and styles of work. Costs are provided as an invoice after a commission request form has been completed for either type of commission. Approximate pricing is provided within the commission request form.
  • Can I use the commission for my business?
    Jakey Boi Arts reserves the rights to his artwork as stated in his Terms and Conditions. Typically commissions are for personal or private use. Terms of commercial use must be discussed and agreed upon by both parties during the communication process for the planning of the commission.
  • How is shipping calculated?
    Shipping is calculated by category and region to be shipped to! You are charged once for each item within a category to be shipped. Read more about shipping on our store info page!
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    Your order takes approximately 2 business days to be printed and 7-10 business days to be shipped depending upon the shipment location. Given that these are estimate time frames, it is always best to confirm your estimated delivery date for the designated local shipping service being used.
  • Do you accept other forms of payment than credit card?
    We also accept Paypal through our site. At this time we do not offer other alternative payment methods.
  • I would like to return items I purchased from your site. What do I do?
    Please read the information on our Store Info page that outlines the circumstances for returns, refunds and more!
  • What do I do if I can't find the answer to my order question on the Store Info page?
    If you cannot find the answer to your question on our Store Info page, we would love to assist you through the use of our contact form on the home page of our site!
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